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      Top 10 reasons to join CTP

      • Flexibility and daytime work
      • Mileage Reimbursement
      • Competitive Salaries
      • Innovative technology and systems
      • Contractors set their own rate of pay
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      Company Culture

      • Supportive Environment
      • Rewards for good performance
      • Family mentality
      • Growth within the company
      • Positive feedback

      Why work for CTP?


      Satisfied Employees and Contractors


      "I have found that the management at Connecting the Pieces is very team-oriented, flexible, and understanding. There is an expectation of excellence, which is facilitated through professional development opportunities and working with skilled professionals. Balancing family life, with small children, and work is very challenging, but I can honestly say I feel very supported while maintaining high standards of professionalism." Karen P: BCBA


      “Working with CTP has been more rewarding than I could have possibly imagined. It really feels good to know that I’m enriching the lives of learners and their families, while growing in my career." David P: CTP Teacher. 

      "Since I began working with this company two years ago, I have had nothing but a positive experience. The support that I receive from the directors and administrative staff helps me to continue to progress in my field. This also makes for great communication. Flexible hours, readily available work, and advancement opportunities are just a few of the things that make CTP a great place to work." Jessica R: Personal Care Assistant


      "I've been with Connecting the Pieces for over a year. I find this organization cares more for their students than most other organizations." Sarah H: Special Education Teacher

      Professional Development


      Connecting the Pieces offers a variety of professional development opportunities for our employees. We offer trainings for BCBAs & BSCs as well as Instructional Assistants, Paraprofessionals, and teachers. CTP provides CPI and Safety Care trainings as well as other professional development.


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      Innovative and Fast Growing


      Here at Connecting the Pieces we pride ourselves on being innovative and continuously improving, including through investment in the latest technologies to help us deliver better service to our customers, employees and contractors.

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      Award Winning Company and Service


      "Connecting the Pieces, LLC exemplifies the best of small business; leading through customer service and through community involvement." CTP strives for excellence in serving our customers, while providing a great work environment for our employees and contractors. 


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